How to Make More Money as an Online Sex Worker

Hey y’all. Excited to be making my second blog post here. I am firm believer once you start to do something consistently a few times, it becomes more routine, thus forming a habit. I am thinking by my 6th or 7th blog post it will be like a second nature to me? Hehe. I did not make it that far with my podcast.

Always, today I want to speak with you all briefly on how to make more money as an online sex worker. I encourage you to go in to reading the post with an open mind. With that being said, I never encourage anyone to offer services they are unsure about, just for the sake of making more money.

Put simply, to make more money online: you should either expand what services you offer, expand where you sell, or both. I am currently on a mission to make more money in the industry myself. I already offer a plethora of services (sexting, phone sex, premade videos and photos, cam sessions, D/S relationship and more) so I am focusing on expanding where I offer my services.

If you are only selling one or two places then you are probably missing out on some easy coins. Maximizing the content your produce to its’ fullest potential is imperative as a seller. I had become a bit complacent in selling my services on panty selling sites and social media. These are labor intensive ways to sell that require messaging back and forth with potential customers.

I have made it a big goal for 2021 to get back to clip sites and to post on them regularly. Once my videos are produced and uploaded, this is a means of residual income that can pay me while I sleep. Is you online entertainment business currently paying you while you sleep regularly? If not, it should be.

What are some ways you can monetize with residual as an online sex worker? Selling videos and photos and clips sites, having a fan club like only fans, starting a panty subscription box for your used panties, the possibilities are endless.

Need help getting started? Check out my online adult entertainment class here.

What residual income looks like…

Do not let the small numbers fool you. It all adds up 😜🤑

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