Review by Online Entertainer : TheMackenzieJames:

Are you a new seller and want to become more successful? Or are you an experienced seller and looking to boost sale ? Sign up for Queen Ava’s professional panty selling class and there is no way you’ll fail!

I’m in no way new to online sex work as I have been in the game over a decade now, but selling my panties online is still pretty new to me. I’ve found Queen’s 8 week class to be very helpful. There is so much useful and important material that even a well experienced sex worker like myself can and WILL definitely benefit from enrolling.

The material is well organized and easy to follow and Queen Ava is there to guide you every step of the way through her support group. I’ve 100% enjoyed being able to come to her just about any time day or night and have her available to help me.

If you’re a new seller then YOU NEED THIS CLASS!! If you’re already experienced then I promise you that you’ll will still experience a positive outcome in sales from taking the class as well. Lots of valuable information and tons of live support !! model: MommyWetPanties

I am a current part-time panty seller and I have been for over a year now. I don’t always tend to be online as much as I’d like to, but don’t let that stop you! All of Queen Ava’s classes work! All you have to do is pay attention, be patient, and stay consistent! I love all of her material but I’d definitely say that my top favorite topics are “Building Your Best You” (week 8) and Fetlife 101 (Extra Lesson). 

In Building Your Best You, I have finally been able to make a great profile description without changing it every couple of weeks. I have learned how to take better photos on a budget and catch buyer’s attention! 

Ava’s Fetlife 101 course was EXTREMELY helpful for me as well! Within a week of posting, I was able to make my first sale. I know I will be making many more sales, all thanks to Queen Ava and her class. I recommend all SERIOUS sellers to take her course, whether you’re new, part-time, or even a veteran sex worker, there’s something for everyone here!


Review by Online Entertainer: Simone Savage

I’m Simone. I’m a cam model, blogger, phone sex operator (PSO), and adult content creator.

Queen Ava is the truth! She’s is full of knowledge in the sex industry! Her pantyseller tips helped me out so much! I wasn’t sure how to work some of the top panty selling sites and she made it so easy to understand. If you are looking to start selling panties, start here first! I highly recommend her! You won’t regret it!