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This is a book club for online sex workers, hosted by Queen Ava. We read and discuss a wide variety of books from memoirs by other sex workers to entrepreneurial self help books. All meetings are held discord messaging application. Video is strongly encouraged but not required. We meet on the last Sunday of every month (except December) from 6-8PM eastern time. You will be emailed a link to our discord chat after annual fees are paid. All correspondence about book club take place there.

This is a safe place for those identifying a woman and sex worker. If you do not identify as both, you are not welcome.

Annual admin fees are $40 for the year and are due one time . We collect fees in January for members who stay with us throughout the years.

Here is the schedule of books for 2022:

Jaunary: Amberly Rothfeild 90 Days and Paid (days 1-30)

February: Amberly Rothfeild 90 Days and Paid (days 31-60)

March: Amberly Rothfield 90 Days and Paid (days 61-90)

April: Belle De Jour Sex, Lies, and Statistics (last 200 pages)

May: Gavin De Becker The Gift of Fear (last 200 pages)

June: Brian P. Morgan The 12 Week Year Field Guide

July: Timothy Ferriss The 4 Hour Work Week (first half)

August: Timothy Ferriss The 4 Hour Work Week (second half)

September: Amberly Rothfield How I made $10,000 as a Phone Sex Operator

November: Select books for next year and have Annual friendsgiving meeting 🙂

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